Broadway Macau Cooperating Brands and Partnering SMEs

For enhancing the partnership with small-and medium-sized enterprises ("SMEs"), Galaxy Entertainment Group ("GEG") has invited local SMEs in the sectors of retail and food and beverage to open outlets in Broadway Macau. The HK$5 billion project will have a grand opening on May 27 at Broadway Macau. At present, there are 30 SMEs in the food and beverage sector that cooperate with Broadway Macau, and nearly 60% of them are renowned, time-honored local brands.

Striving to retain the traditional characteristics of Macau, GEG hopes to spur the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and share the fruits of economic success through the healthy diversification of the gaming industry. It would give its utmost to assist each SME it collaborated with in this partnership, by providing support in areas such as management, maintenance, security, cleaning, finance, team member training and marketing, to ensure SMEs’ smooth operations and to jointly promote local brands.

Macau residents and visitors will then be able to easily enjoy the local delicacies of Macau, Hong Kong and other Asian regions as well as purchasing souvenirs at The Broadway. With F&B, retail, performance and entertainment all rolled into one, Broadway Macau will help to establish and promote the brands of the SMEs, to further leverage the attractiveness of Cotai area, and to balance visitor trends around Macau.